Too Puffy or Not

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Too Puffy!

How do you know if clothing is too puffy / bulky for a child in a car restraint?

Here is the test:

  • Fasten your child in the seat with the coat on and tighten
  • Without loosening the straps, take your child out and remove the coat
  • Do not adjust/ change the strap tension - put your child back in
  • If you can fit your hand between the straps and your child then the coat is too thick to wear in the car seat

Why is puffy dangerous?

In an accident the force can compress the bulky layers of the coat which will leave space under the harness with the potential for the child to slip through the seat and being thrown from the seat.


How to keep your child warm on a car trip?

Here are some ideas to keep your child warm without wearing a bulky coat:

  • Put on beanies, mittens, socks, or booties. None of these will interfere with the car seat straps.
  • Cover your child with a blanket, over the straps. Or use the puffy coat as a cover over the straps so it is easily available for when you get out of the car.

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