Restraint Fitting FAQ's

Here are some questions that we often get asked before our customers get a car seat fitted:

How long does it take to get a fitting done?

A fitting service usually takes 15 – 20 minutes. The time can be affected by additional work required on cars or the actual car restraint if they are not new.


Will I be issued with documentation for the restraint fitting?

For all restraint fittings done at Baby Things we will issue a RMS Authorised Restraint Fitting Certificate. We are required to issue this certificate for all fittings that we do as part of our authorisation agreement.


Should I book to get a fitting done?

All bookings will take priority over a walk-in even though walk-ins are always welcome. We strongly recommend that you book if you are planning to come in on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday – these are our busiest days. Having said this we will do all we can to fit in all our customers – so don’t panic if you have left your fitting to the last minute - just give us a call on 9663 2320 or book an appointment here.


What should I bring to get my car seat fitted?

If the seat is new, bring it in the box. This will ensure that nothing is lost that originally came with the seat. We will dispose of the box for you if you do not want it. 

If the seat has already been used or is second-hand, bring all the parts that you have that relate to a car seat. It may save you paying for any additional parts.

It is handy to bring a towel as we may need it to make a fitting more secure.

How do I use my car seat?

When you are get a fitting – especially if you are first-time parent or you are installing a new seat – we will always make sure that you are instructed on how to use the seat. We strongly encourage you to also read the instruction manual of your car seat before using the seat. You are always welcome to come in if you are unsure or have any questions on the usage of your seat.

Should I get a vehicle seat protector?

If you have leather seats we recommend that you use a vehicle seat protector. It is not as essential for fabric seats – though you might want to consider it for older children especially if you have seen what we have seen accumulates under a child’s car seat. Note that a vehicle seat protector cannot be put in after a seat has been installed.  We have a full range of vehicle seat protectors and can advise which one is best for you needs.