Convertible Car Seats

Convertible Car Seats are those that can be converted from rearward to forward facing as your child grows.

At Baby Things, we highly recommend that children be kept in the rearward facing position for as long as is possible. The rearward position gives a child a much higher chance of survival in a crash. Consider that young children's heads make up a lot of the percentage of their body and that their neck has not yet fully developed. If a child is placed in the forward facing position too quickly and is involved in a crash, they may suffer permanent damage to their neck and spine or worse.

Have your seat fitted by our expert team of fitters for discounted fee of $35 (normally $45).* Fittings can be done 7 days a week - no booking necessary. 

* Only applies to the initial/first fitting of seats purchased at our Baby Things shop or online store.