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Car seats can get serious treatment from your littles ones. From half-eaten biscuits, spilt milk and sand brought in from the beach, your seat can end up being a mini disaster . Mould and germs can also find a comfortable home in amongst this mess. We can help!

Your seats can go 

 from this ..... to this!


At Baby Things, your seats will experience a detailed clean. The seat covers and harnesses are all removed, washed and thoroughly dried. The car seat frames are vacuumed, brushed to remove all traces of fine dirt and crumbs then steamed cleaned. Whilst cleaning is carried out the seat is thoroughly inspected. No harsh chemicals are used and manufacturers instructions for care and cleaning of seats are always followed.

No booking is required just drop your seat off during our opening hours and we will take care of the rest. Note that payment is require before cleaning.

We require 48 hours to clean seats. A hire seat can be supplied and installed whilst your seat is being cleaned for $50.

Cleaning rates per seat are as follows:

Clean only - $65

Clean and installation - $95


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