Headrests in cars

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When fitting a forward facing seats, especially in the reclined position, the vehicle headrest can often either push the top of child’s car restraint forward so it no longer sits along the vehicle seat and/or makes it impossible to lift the seat’s harnesses higher as it impedes any further upward movement. 

These issues can be resolved in most cars by simply taking the vehicle’s headrest off however in some cars the vehicle’s headrest are either: 


Examples of make and model

Fixed or Moulded

Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3

Jeep Cherokee Laredo 

Non-removable Headrest

Volvo XC models

Mercedes GLE models


Volvo XC Headrest

Another way we overcome these issues is by installing the car seat in an upright position. This may though create other concerns that are discussed in another blog.

When considering a car to purchase, what may seem a small issue like head rests can greatly affect the safe fitting of a child seat. 

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