Backless Boosters – Legal or not?

Posted by Juliet Fernandez on

Often we have customers looking for what is know in the business as a “Booster Cushion” – backless or low-back booster seat.

Booster cushions can often be purchased online from overseas based companies, however, note that they are NOT legal for usage in Australia.

Over 10 years ago, this type of restraint was removed from the AS/NZS 1754:2010 and onwards as they do not offer side impact protection, making them illegal for use in Australia.

So what equivalent seats are legal in Australia:

  • An Australian Standard Type E or Type F child restraint
  • Seats that comply with the relevant Australia Standard that applied at the time of manufacture in Australia or importation into Australia.
  • Seats that comply with the Australian Standards applicable at the time the restraint is being used
  • Restraints that have the mark or sticker of that certifies it complies with the relevant Australia standard

If you need to know, please contact us at Baby Things so we can give you advice regarding your specific situation.

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