Second-hand Car Seats - What to look out for?

Posted by Juliet Fernandez on

As costs are rising and your budget gets tighter, you might consider purchasing or been given a second hand car seat from a neighbour, family member or platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

Here are some critical features to look out for:

  • Check that the seat has the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1754 sticker on the shell: Without this sticker the seat is considered illegal.
  • Check the manufacture or purchase date: Car seats have a recommended expiry date which is 10 years after either the manufacture date or from date of purchase. The manufacture date can usually be found on a label on the seat. It may take a bit of searching for this label – car seat manufacturers put them in the most inaccessible places.
  • Check the history: Buying from someone you trust is critical for this point. Ensure that the seat has not been in a serious crash – damage may not be obvious
  • Check ALL the straps: This includes the tether strap which is usually on the top back of the seat. Ensure that there are no frays, tears or any visible damage to any of the straps. If a seat has any visible damage to any of the straps there is a potential risk they will break in an accident.
  • Check the buckle: Ensure that the buckle tongues easily click in and out. Also, make sure they do not come out once clicked in.
  • Check you can loosen and tighten the harness easily: If this is difficult to do you will find it challenging to get your child in and out of the car seat.
  • Check the fabric: Make sure there are no tears/ significant damage or mould (on the fabric or the straps)

If you have purchased / been given a second hand seat, come in to Baby Things to have it check. We will be more than happy to advise you if the seat is safe to use.

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