Should a child restraint be put in a front seat?

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Often we get asked about putting a child restraint in the front seat of a vehicle such as a single cab ute or a commercial van. 

It is legal for a child to be in the front seat if certain conditions are met.

Where there are two or more rows of seats:

  • A child under four years of age cannot sit in the front row if there is more than one row of seats, even if they are large enough to fit in a booster seat
  • A child between four years old and under seven years old cannot sit in the front row if there is more than one row of seats, unless the other rows are fully occupied by younger children in approved child car seats

For a child's safety, it is recommended that children 12 years and younger always sit in a rear seat.

In vehicles with only one row of seats:

  • A child of any age can sit in the front seat as long as they are properly restrained.
  • As front seats do not have a child car seat anchorage points supplied, restraints with top tethers cannot be used in these seating positions. Anchorage points can be retro-fitted by fitting stations that are authorised to modify vehicles.
  • NOTE: most car manufacturers recommend against the use of a rearward facing car seat in a front passenger seat - in such cases the manufacturer's guidelines must be followed.

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