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DID YOU KNOW….you are more likely to have a car accident when a driver is less than 10km from home?

It makes sense right – when you are going to a new destination or enter an unfamiliar area we pay more attention and concentrate. But how easy is it for us to go into autopilot mode when we drive along a regularly travelled route. We get comfortable, complacent and easily distracted.

A study done in New Zealand in 2017, show that about half of the car trips in their study were done within an 11km radius of our home and accounted for 62% of all crashes. Interestingly, “novice” drivers didn’t show this “close to home effect”.

So car safety is just as important on those short trips to the local shops as it is on the longer holiday road trip. Regular checks of your car seat fitting and shoulder strap heights are important to ensuring your children are always safe no matter how long the car rides are.

Bridget R.D. Burdett, Nicola J. Starkey, Samuel G. Charlton,The close to home effect in road crashes,Safety Science,Volume 98,2017,Pages 1-8,ISSN 0925-7535, (

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