Bulky Jackets and Car Seats Can Be Dangerous

Posted by Juliet Fernandez on

It’s cold out there but don’t be tempted to leave bulky jackets on kids in car seats. We understand that it can be annoying and time consuming to take a jacket off just to put a child in a car but harnesses cannot tighten properly and in an impact the air in jackets compresses and little ones are suddenly in loose straps. Not good.

So, we recommend that when your child is put in a car restraint, dress them in a lighter warm clothes and use a blanket over them once the harness is done up.

A correct, firm fit of the harness is critical to keep your child safe in a car. Remove anything that will interfere with the fit.

Remember that the harness is the only element of the seat that will keep your child in the car restraint.

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