How long can a car restraint be used for?

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In most cases, the recommendation is to stop using a car seat 10 years after the date of original/ first purchase or, if this is not known, from the date of manufacture.

What are the reasons behind this recommendation?

  • The standards and technology of car seats change regularly. Improvements to seats can make a difference to a child's safety and comfort in a seat.
  • General wear and tear can have an impact on how well a seat functions. For example, the harness strap loosener can become stiff and makes it difficult to both loosen and tighten harness strap which will potentially compromise the safety of your child in a car seat.
  • The degradation of materials can happen over time. UV exposure, large variations in temperature conditions, mould and the effect of the build up of dirt and grime can sigificant affect the integrity of a car seat's shell, strapping and fabric covers.

Car seat manufacturers have their own advice on how long to a car seat can be used from. See what these car seat manufacturers advice:

Dorel (Maxi Cosi/ Mother's Choice)


Note that with most car seat manufacturers will give an extended warranty (up to 10 years) for all seats registered with them.


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