ZAZU Sleeptrainer PAM - Opal Blue

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Pam Sleep Trainer Recent Awards

The Zazu Pam Sleep Trainer is a fantastic way to comfort and train your child to develop healthy sleeping patterns. The colour of the light tells your child when it’s OK to get up. Pam will light up orange when 30 minutes remains until they can get up allowing children to learn to play in their room, finally Pam will light green when it is OK to get up.

The Pam sleep trainer is great for teaching your children sleeping and waking habits and also great for comforting children as they go to sleep. The Zazu Sleep Trainers have been nominated for and won several European awards.

The Zazu brand originates from the Netherlands and all of their sleep trainers are tested for safety and quality to International standards.

Wireless speaker. Play unlimited music and stories via the wireless speaker.

Choose your own colour nightlight. You can choose: multi-colour, pink, white, blue or red.

Continuous light or auto shut-off. Set the 30-minute timer to automatically switch off after your child has dropped off to sleep.

Bluetooth speaker. Allowing ZAZU to play music or stories that you wish. Zazu also puts together a playlist they recommend which you can get from their website.


  • Operated by a rechargeable battery & charged by USB cable (included)• Measurements: 17 x 11 x 11 cm
  • Pam is tested according to international regulations
  • Age recommendation: As of 0+ months.