Toddler Tints Car Shades

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Toddler Tints are the latest technology in child window shades. Uniquely made from a material that becomes transparent when driving, you no longer need to worry about blind spots that other window shades on the market create. They're a removal film that protect children from the sun and reduce heat and glare. Applied to the inside of the window much like a sticker, the shade has a cute pattern on the side facing your child but can't be seen from the outside. Toddler Tints™ come in a range of fun and vibrant patterns for you and your little one to choose from.

Each toddler tint measures 1000mm (w) x 600mm (h) and will cover 1 back passenger window (if you have an unusually large back passenger window, we recommend you measure it to ensure the correct fit).


  • Sun protection
  • No blind spots
  • Universal fit
  • Doesn't affect window function
  • Pattern cannot be seen from the outside
  • Long-lasting and durable


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