Tikiri Ocean Buddies Sustainable Rubber Rattles

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Born in Sri Lanka, Tikiri is a brand whose products are based on the well-being of children and toddlers. From conception (toys are designed to meet children’s physical and emotional development), to their ethically sustainable production with eco-friendly and durable materials like cotton or natural rubber.

In local dialect "Tikiri" means "Teeny tiny". For all their rubber toys Tikiri uses only 100% natural rubber 

Tikiri Ocean Buddies are sweet and ready to swim out on an adventure.

The sea creature collection of sustainable rubber rattle and teethers provide teething relief and gentle play for the very young.

Each marine animal character creates a rattle sound that will provide fundamental lessons in cause and effect while aiding in the development of fine motor skills.

These ocean friends make a fantastic addition to bath time or water play, fully sealed for hygiene.

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