ClevaMama Tencel® Toilet Training Sleep Mat 70 x 90 cm - White

ClevaMama Tencel® Toilet Training Sleep Mat 70 x 90 cm - White

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Ok, so we all have accidents sometimes. And for little kids it too often involves pee in places we don't want, like bed. Did you know that bed wetting can occur for 14% of kids right up to their early teens.

This sleep mat allows you to quickly pull off the wet sleep mat, change kiddo's PJs and get them back off to sleep (yes it's a good idea to have 2 mats).

The ClevaMama Waterproof Toilet Training Mat consists of two soft layers of brushed cotton (so is comfortable enough for kids to sleep directly on it), on both sides of a discreet layer of waterproof polyurethane.
The Toilet Training Sleep mat combines comfort and discretion and helps to reduce the stress for both the child and parent. It's also a great option to buy one during pregnancy so in later stages you can pop it on the bed in case your waters break. It is also a more comfortable and affordable option for adults living with incontinence issues.

  • Flat Waterproof sheet for toilet training
  • Machine wash and tumble dry safe
  • Anti bacterial treated
  • Suitable from: 0 Months +
  • Dimensions: 70 x 90cm

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