Red Castle Cocoonababy

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The Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest allows bub to lay in a semi-foetal position and a slight incline to aid with sleep in the early weeks.

The wedge is adjustable for torso length and the safety belt helps keep bub still until they are able to start turning over (cease use of nest then). 

This product has been tried and tested by the Baby Things team kids with great success! 

The cover comes of for washing and re-positioning of the leg wedge, however custom sheets are also available.

  • Suited for babies weighing 2.8kg and above,
  • Can be used up until your child starts attempting to roll or change position in the nest (about 4 months of age),
  • Cease using at approximately 4 months of age,
  • Can be used in a cot or cradle with sides at least 39cms in height (at least 20cm higher than the nest - so drop the cot down to the lower setting), 
  • If used outside of a cot or cradle, it must be placed on the floor and never on a raised surface,
  • Always place your baby on its back in the Cocoonababy®,
  • IMPORTANT – For safety reasons, babies should not sleep with any coverings on their head or face. 


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