Infasecure Recline Foam Bar

Infasecure Recline Foam Bar

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The Recline Foam Bar can be used on Rearward Facing child restraints and our CS9013 model Harnessed Car Seats. It can help to achieve the optimal recline of your child restraint. This is perfect for back seats that are deeper or more angled and prevent the correct install and recline for rearward facing car seats.

If you require more recline for your Child Restraint in rear facing mode, place the Recline Foam Bar between the vehicle seat and the underside of the restraint’s base.

• Achieve optimal recline
• For use with Rearward Facing child restraints and CS9013 model Harnessed Car Seats
• Designed to conform to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 8005:2013

• Width - 6cm
• Height - 6cm
• Length - 36.5cm

Use this product with caution when fitting a seat. Please get advice from the Baby Things team to ensure that this product is used safely.

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