Quut - Beach Set - 1 Mini Ballo + 1 cuppi + 1 Heart Shaper + 1 Beach Bag

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Little ones will love constructing on the beach with this three piece Beach Set. The set includes a mini ballo, a cuppi and a magic sand shaper which can be used together to make some awesome builds on the sand.

Use the Cuppi to scoot out sand castles or make tracks for the ball, the Ballo is perfect for transporting water to hand dug moats and the Sand Shaper makes it easy to make unique sand art. It’s a set that will keep kids busy for hours. The toys also come in a handy netted beach bag!

Product Details:
• Ergonomic toys
• Encourages imagination, creativity, outdoor play, and interaction
• Use on the beach, in the garden or even in the bath tub!
• Safe to use and super easy to clean
• Made of durable, recyclable plastic that is also BPA, latex and phthalate free
• Comes in a handy beach bag that dries quickly

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