Play Pouch Australia Printed Play Pouch

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Spread out the Play Pouch for play, then pull the cord and it's put away!!

A toy storage bag and play mat in one also has a handy zip pocket which is great for storing smaller treasures - or your keys and phone - when out with the Play Pouch! When open, the Play Pouch is approximately 145cm diameter plus edge strip.

With durable materials and awesome features, the printed Play Pouch is designed for minimum mess and MAXimum PLAY with STYLE.

Spread the Play Pouch out for play and all the bits and pieces stay together. When it is time to pack away, just pull on the rope and in a jiffy you've gathered everything neatly into the Play Pouch.

Hang it up to store out of the way or leave it gathered ready for the next play time adventure.


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