Pouch Australia Aqua Pouch

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Aqua Pouch is a waterproof carry all bag with shoulder strap and zip pocket that opens out to become a mat, play space or picnic rug.

Take all you need with you for the park or a day at the beach in the Aqua Pouch. Lay it out for a place to sit or play. If the ground is damp, you’ll stay dry. When it is time to go simply pull on the rope and everything is gathered neatly into the Aqua Pouch. The waterproof coating protects the interior of your car and home.

Aqua Pouch is attractive hanging storage for everyday at home and is always ready for your next adventure. Aqua Pouch is the ultimate “can’t-live-without” accessory for an active lifestyle.

Approx 140cm diameter when open. The Aqua Pouch design has been improved and now includes a stitched in strap and extra handles near the eyelets. The current Aqua Pouch has a see through rubber label with white writing stitched on the pocket.

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