Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro

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Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro has 28x comfort settings for easy control and monitoring, meaning you can find the perfect strength and speed to suit you more easily. 

The LCD digital display enables you to quickly and easily control the speed and strength of the pump as well as to time the length of your session. 2 Phases of pumping - the 'Stimulation' phase prepares the breast and encourages let-down which helps avoid nipple pain and damage when you begin the 'Expression' phase, and ensures you pump efficiently.

Based on Pigeon’s breastfeeding research, the 3 factors that contribute to effective breastmilk expression are:

  1. Fit – how securely the ‘cup’ fits the breast
  2. Gentle Stimulation – 2 Phase pumping enables the preparation for milk ejection, ‘let-down’, then efficient pumping
  3. Expression – smooth and efficient ejection of milk

The Electric Breast Pump Pro satisfies these 3 factors, allowing mothers to express their milk naturally in 2 Phases, relieving concerns about painful expression or nipple damage:

  • Fit – The new Pigeon Breast Pumps come with 2 funnel sizes to suit the different needs of breastfeeding mothers, and the new Comfort ProperFIT™ flange is made of softer material and has a ‘wing’ to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The close contact achieved stops air leakage to help improve milk extraction.
  • Gentle Stimulation – The ‘Stimulation’ phase, a feature on all of the range, is essential for efficient let-down before breast milk expression. This is based on research of the natural sucking patterns of babies.
  • Expression – The Electric Breast Pump Pro comes with 4 levels of speed and 7 levels of suction strength giving a possible 28 combinations for your maximum comfort and ideal pumping style. The easy to read and use Digital Display also has a Timer feature.

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