O.B. Designs Rainbow Ripple Blanket - Hand Crochet

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This beautiful baby blanket is hand crochet.
Mothers have been wrapping their newborn babies in cloths to make them warm & comfortable for thousands of years. Modern babies still love to be wrapped up tightly in a blanket to mimic their mother's womb. 
This is a classic  that will withstand the test of time. It is that "special" blanket that goes in the memory box of your child's life. This crochet blanket is versatile.

It can be used as a swaddle because it stretches, as a pram blanket, a cot blanket and the all important security blanket.

Designed in Byron Bay.

90 X 90CM (36 x 36in) / 60% COTTON, 30% ACRYLIC, 10% CASHMERE
Hand Wash Recommended. Gift Box included.