Infasecure Attain Premium 0 to 4 Years


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The Infasecure Attain Premium is a convertible car seat that doesn't comprimise on convenience and safety. the Attain Premium is a good choice for small cars (and where you have tall front seat passangers). The small footprint can also aid where you need to fit 3 seats into the vehicle. The Infasecure Attain Premium is both narrow (in both modes) and has a low depth when rearward facing.

The Attain Premium features Infasecure's Premium Safety bundle: Air Cocoon Technology™ (A.C.T) and Secur-air™.

Infasecure's extended warranty of 30 months is a testament to the quality build of the Attain Premium.


  • Small footprint, both narrow at approximately 420mm in both modes
  • Low depth in rearward facing mode, convenient for small cars and tall front seat passangers
  • Active Bamboo™ using Infasecure's premium materials for moisture wicking, cooling, extra padding (a claimed 3 times more padding than their previous models by Infasecure) all adding to your child's comfort
  • Air Cocoon Technology™ (A.C.T) as standard, achieving a crash energy reduction of more than 5 times the requirement of the current (AS/NZS 1754:2013) Australian standard
  • Secur-air™ works in conjunction with A.C.T to increase the protection to your child's head
  • Buckle holders when placing your child into the seat
  • Twist resistant straps
  • Nine Levels of recline with one hand convenient adjustment for the headrest and restraint, no re-threading straps, no uninstalling, allowing for the perfect fit in seconds
  • Fabric seat protector and SafeGrip Belt Clamp included as standard


  • Width (w/ Cover) – 46cm
  • Width (Cover Compressed) – 42cm
  • Height (Headrest Down) – 62cm
  • Height (Headrest Up) – 76cm
  • Depth (Forward Facing) – 50cm
  • Depth (Rearward Facing) – 54cm

Approximate Shoulder Height Marker Locations:

  • Lower Marker (Must Rearward Face Under Marker) – 34cm
  • Middle Marker (Turn to Forward Facing) – 39cm
  • Upper Marker (Stop Use) – 43.5cm

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