Houdini High 5 Sticker Twin Pack - Aqua

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Houdini High 5 Sticker Twin Pack - Aqua

The Houdini High 5 removable sticker teaches your child to wait safely beside your vehicle. It gives them a fun job to find the hand when they get out, allowing parents to remove other children and items from the car which means less stress for you.

The sticker can be removed safely and will not damage paint. 

Also suitable for 'time in' behaviour management used inside and at daycare, kindy and school.


  1. Thoroughly clean area with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.
  2. Peel off backing paper from sticker.
  3. Slowly lower the sticker onto the car and rub with finger to eliminate air bubbles.
  4. Sticker is designed to stay on the car but can be removed and reapplied if desired.

Items per pack: 2 removable stickers

Material: Sticker

Weight: 0.2g

Dimensions:  125x140x35

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