Green Sprouts Reusable Face Mask - Child size

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Reusable Face Masks are non-refundable due to sanitary reasons

Reusable face mask suitable (yep it fits) for kids - complete with washable storage pouch - suitable for 2 - 6 yrs

This reusable cloth face mask helps guard against the spread of droplets and particles to others and encourages healthy hygiene to keep hands away from the nose and mouth while in public spaces. It is completely washable and comes with a washable pouch so kids can manage to keep the face-side clean even whilst at school.

This mask has a number of sustainable features as well as features making it more effective.

  • Activated carbon layer—  works to absorb impurities and keeps fresh air flowing through the mask for more comfortable wear.
  • Water-resistant outer layer and wicking lining— this helps block particles or droplets from contact with the nose and mouth, and the wicking lining pulls moisture away from kids skin for better comfort.
  • Structured, lightweight, and breathable design—Our cloth mask is designed to position around the nose and face for a smooth and snug fit.
  • Elasticized ear loop straps— elastic straps stretch comfortably around ears for a custom fit.

By reusing the mask (and following the care instructions for best results) you are reducing waste and helping us work towards a more sustainable future.

 ** see our size chart as we have older youth & adult sizes available in solid colours here

Reusable Face Masks are non-refundable due to sanitary reasons

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