Mother's Choice 300mm Extension Strap

Mother's Choice 300mm Extension Strap

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Ideal for cars without anchorage points on a fixed parcel shelf such as station wagons and hatchbacks.This extension strap is designed to lengthen upper anchorage strap when additional length is required to connect to anchor point. 

Lengthens upper anchorage strap

  • Check first: This is ideal when the distance marked is less than 300mm: but if the distance is more than 300mm, select the 600mm extension strap. Available in both sizes 600mm or 300mm
  • If you don't have an anchor point bolt to secure the extension strap to your car, ask for a Mother's Choice Child Restraint Vehicle Anchor Kit to match
  • Suits any any brand of child restraint made since 1993 with a hook anchorage that meets Australian Standards

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