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All the great features of the ever popular Maxi Guard Pro and now with the hygenic and convenience of the TEX covers.

When your child outgrows their 0-4 seat but you want to keep them harnessed (a very good idea for the under-8s), then a type G seat is the go, and the Maxi Guard Pro by Britax Safe-n-Sound is a premium restraint and a superior choice.

Extra Side Impact protection in the headrest and upper torso area of the seat add to the standard safety features of the seat, and the bamboo charcoal fabric is both soft and moisture wicking to avoid sweaty bods.

An easy-adjust harness means the seat does not have to be removed to alter the harness height, and it's an easy one click job s you'll never have the harness at the wrong height. This feature makes the seat perfect for grandparents, occasional carers and for second cars.

This seat will last a child until they are generally 8 years old by which stage we would recommend moving to a booster seat like the Britax Kid Guard, especially if they are not yet 145cm or meeting the 5-step test for sitting in a car without any restraint.

At Baby Things, we recommend that babies stay in a rearward-facing restraint for as long as they still fit, even though the law allows children over 6 months to use a forward-facing restraint. Rearward facing restraints offer far more protection as long as the child still fits in it. (Neuroscience Research Australia and Kidsafe).

Keeping children as safe as possible while travelling in motor vehicles: A guide for parents, carers and road safety practitioners. Sydney: 2013) 


What Britax have to say:

The Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard PRO™, is a Forward Facing Harnessed seat with SICT™ Safety Technology and an inbuilt Hassle Free Harness™ suitable for growing children from approx. 6mths to 8yrs.


  • Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT™) – Head Protection. 180 degree inner layer protection plus outer immediate crash protection layer.
  • Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT™) – Torso Protection, minimising the impact of a crash on your child’s chest and vital organs.
  • 6 point Hassle Free Harness
  • THERMO5® WITH NANOTEX® SPILL PROTECTIONStain-resistant and moisture repellent properties combined with Thermo5® High-Performance fabric makes it easy to clean on the go.
  • Easy adjust headrest and harness enables the harness straps and the headrest to be adjusted without uninstalling the seat. No need to rethread
  • Seat cover is able to be removed without removing the harness or uninstalling the seat from the car
  • 2 recline positions
  • Two rotating ‘flexi’ cup holders
  • Full length car seat protector included


  • Age suitability by law: From 6months to 8 years old (approx.); Baby Things strongly recommends that a child is kept in a rearward facing positional seat for as long as possible before going to a forward facing seat for their own safety.
  • Product weight: approx. 8.6kg
  • Seat height (headrest not extended): 680mm
  • Seat height (headrest fully extended): 865mm
  • Seat width: 460mm 


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