Britax Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG - Grey

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The Britax Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG is the tallest Britax E type booster and perfect for your growing child. The booster height can be adjusted to get the right fit as your child grows (just like most boosters in this price range on the market do today) - see the specifications section further down for specific measurements.

What is an Type E booster seat? These are boosters used in conjunction with a lap-sash seatbelt. 

The lifesaving SecureGuard™ clip prevents your child from sliding under the lap-sash in an event of a crash. Sliding under the lap-sash is referred to as Submarining and can cause dangerous internal injuries.

The trim of the seat is very comfortable which should help in long trips.



  • One Hand Adjust Headrest for height adjustment
  • Secureguard™ Clip positions the vehicle lap-sash seatbelt correctly over the hips and thighs to prevent slumping and "submarining" (where the child slips under the lap belt during a crash)
  • Deep Side Wings with EPS foam for extra protection in a side impact crash
  • Tethered Booster uses the top tether vehicle anchor point to secure the booster
  • Protecta PLUS™ harness compatible (sold separately). For a more secure fit the Protecta PLUS child harness can be used with the Hi-Liner SG to improve upper torso support. Babythings recommends you read all instructions and understand that the harness will add an extra minute or so when using the booster. Like all extra safety items, its a balance of practicality vs function
  • Arm Rests that help comfort and ensure correct seat belt positioning
  • Removable, washable cover that come in several colours
  • Hard plastic retractable Cup Holders on both sides
  • Elastic mesh side pockets on both sides


  • Age suitability: From 4 years to 8 years old (approx.)
  • Product weight: approx. 5.4kg
  • Seat height (headrest not extended): 752mm
  • Seat height (headrest fully entended): 855mm
  • Seat width: 410mm