Britax Kick Mat

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The Britax Safe n Sound Kick Mat is a must have for all small and medium cars (and some large)!

When Children are in forward facing seats they tend to kick or rest their feet on the seat in front of them, the Britax Kick Mat prevents damage and dirt to back of seats over time while also adding extra storage pockets that are easy to reach.

Several Baby Things staff have used these while their children were in car seats and swear by them. We even continued using these with our older children as pre-teens and teenagers alike can use the extra storage for books, games and portable computer gaming screens on long trips.

Children of all ages can be grubby and rough with the back of seats anyway and we've found the Britax Safe n Sound Kick Mats very worthwhile.

If you're looking for a way to protect the back of your car seats then the Britax Kick Mat is a great value and practical option.

Includes 2 full-size kick mats in the pack to protect the vehicle seat backs and provide extra storage solutions.

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