Bebe Folie - Bebecool Stroller Mat - Grey

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Bub getting too hot to handle this summer? Dreading a day out because the heat affects baby's eczema?

This French-designed stroller mat is a great solution to the problem of hot days in the pram.

Using thermic exhange the gel pad inside this mat reacts to body heat and helps cool the body by up to 5ºC.

Working straight away it can make a sticky situation happier and stay happy for 3-4 hours of continuous use. Then, just pop it aside for about 2 hours (normal room temp is fine) and it's ready to go again. No power needed at all.

The mat is designed to fit most strollers and prams  and can be hand washed with just a wet sponge.

  • Do not placed the mat in freezer. Do not required to be placed in the fridge.
  • Store at room temperature: +/- 21ºC. Away from sunlight, in flat position.

 ** hey there - here's a little hack for ladies going through menopause - this mat is a winner on your desk chair at work - helping to keep hot flushes at bay!!

Baby Friendly Composition

  • Soft Oxford Fabric 100% polyester. 
  • Plastic barrier. Waterproof protection against pee or other liquids.
  • Innovative gel pad for a long lasting cooling effect.
  • Non-Skid fabric 100% polyester.