Subo The Food Bottle

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Subo The Food Bottle is fully Australian owned, designed and made in Melbourne Victoria. 

The new colour range is fabulous and interchangeable!

Subo The Food Bottle allows babies, toddlers and children to feed themselves independently. It is great for use on the go and works best with healthy homemade purees, smoothies, yogurts and mashed foods.

The re-usable food bottle helps families to save money and to be more environmentally friendly by eliminating the need to buy and dispose of expensive single use squeezable packaged foods. Because the food bottle is non-squeezable it reduces the chance of children creating a wasteful mess.

Children as young as 6 months can easily sip the food from the soft silicon spout and watch as the platform automatically moves up the bottle! The viewing windows allows parents and children to see where the platform is telling them how much food it left inside.

Subo is designed to last, with spare platforms, lids, valves and spouts available for purchase if needs be.

Baby Things is proud to support manufacturing here in Australia.

Is Subo BPA Free? Yes, The materials used to manufacture Subo the food bottle are PP, HDPE, TPE and silicone. All are BPA and Phthalate free.

Microwave Safe? Subo don't recommend you heat the bottle in the microwave because the design makes it difficult to test the true temperature of the food inside the bottle, instead, its recommended that you heat the food to the desired temperature and then add it into Subo The Food Bottle.

Hot Food Safe? Yes

Freezer Safe? It is safe to load frozen food into Subo to defrost; However, we do not recommend that you freeze the whole Subo bottle.

Dishwasher Safe? We recommend you do not clean Subo in the dishwasher to ensure it does not get damaged. Cleaning Subo should be done by dismantling into 7 pieces and washing with warm soapy water.

Can I use Subo as a Drink Bottle? Subo The Food Bottle is not suited for drinks like water or juice, rather it is designed to hold soft foods such as purees, smoothies, yogurts and mashed foods.

Maximum volume: 210mL



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