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With 7 kids between us, here at Baby Things we've had a bit of experience with family road trips and air travel.

Toys and activities to occupy them and keep things organised are key. Here are our favourite products for a low-stress trip:

TeeBee - this little triangular box is specifically shaped to fit between kids legs while they sit in the car, on the plane or at Grandma's. Complete with a Lego compatible tray they can keep their kit insode and use the wings as a play surface. Food safe plastic means it can go undercover as a snack box.

Mieredu Magnetic Puzzles - Dress up scenes, robot games and creations with shapes are all possible with this magnetic set in it's own box.

Djeco Magic Colouring Set - fill the pen tank with water and let kids draw away without worrying about redecorating the car or the hotel room.

Mieredu MagicGo Drawing Board - This Eco-friendly magnetic drawing board with themed stencils and magnetic shapes gives loads of fun that can be tapped to clear when the fun finishes.

Two Nomads Stow & Show - even if you don't use the ipad pocket for a device, you can add drawings and pictures the kids love as well as their other treasure to limit their boots whacking the back of your car seat. An absolute winner even for our older kids.

All these products and more are available on our website and instore.



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