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The Infasecure Comfi Treo is a forward facing car seat for approximately 6 months to 4 years, after which it can be converted to become a booster seat to fit a child up to 8 years old.

The Infasecure Comfi Treo expands on its predecessors features, and introduces new innovations in safety, comfort ease of use and ergonomics. It’s also a slimmer seat than before.

The Infasecure Comfi Treo is one of the top rated forward facing restraints on CREP. In a frontal accident, the unique ‘pommel’ design of the seat base, and the air-bag-like blow moulded construction acts in a similar way to the front seats of your car. The sloped surface results in a larger downward force, rather than lateral. It decelerates the child and results in reduced forward movement and submarining. In booster seat mode, the anti-submarine designed arm rests work in tandem with the new base. It keeps the lap belt down across your child’s lap. Combine this with the included SafeGrip Belt Clamp and it ensures the lap belt does not ride up into their soft abdominal area.

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