Infasecure Accomplish Premium 6 months to 8 years


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The Infasecure Accomplish Premium is a super comfy, very stylish forward facing (Type G) seat for those kids now forward facing and will be the seat they use until they are tall enough and of age to use adult seatbelts.

Baby Things reccommend your child be approx 140cm when exiting restraints but remember some kids are longer in the legs and some in the torso - so use the exit markers on the seat as an easy guide.

The covers: bamboo charcoal moisture wicking and cooling. Colour doesn't really come into it. Lots of padding for bony bottoms on long journeys.

The safety technology: Infasecure's Secure-air and Air Cocoon Technology (A.C.T) work to vastly reduce crash energy - that's basically the speed of movement and force against the body at impact. 

Harnesses: Twist and lift system to easily adjust the harness height means you can always have your child correctly fitted into their seat. This also makes the seat handy for grandparents and other carers of children of different ages at different times. Buckle holders and twist resistant harnesses are helpful.

Recline: a gradual recline system means you have more choice when it comes to reclining forward facing children - it's a twist at the front. 

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