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Awarded Gold for the third time in the Gentle Parenting 2017 awards, the newest blackout blind from Easynight is ideal for travelling and when out and about.  Light enough to carry with you in its own handy bag, its suction cups make it versatile for use anywhere.

Available in a range of sizes to cover windows up to 3m x 1.4m (can be used either way around), this can be cut to size without fraying.

Includes strong suction cups for use on any window.  Simply arrange the suction cups around the edges of the glass as required to hold your easynight in place. 

New: Now also includes removable self-adhesive removable Frame Fastener strips which can be used on upvc and wooden window frames.
These can be used instead of, or in addition to the suction cups.   These are ideal for more permanent use, for example at home or wherever the blind will be used regularly.

features and sizes

EasynightTM black blackout material is silvered on one side for better light and heat reflection.

Lightweight, this fabric weighs 170g per square metre

Easily cut to size with scissors, if you wish, or it can be used uncut to fit different size windows.

Each size includes self-adhesive wide loop strips (which must be applied to the fabric), strong suction cups (for use on the glass) and removable adhesive strips (for use on the window frame).

  • Large (2m x 1.4m) includes includes 16x Fabric Fastener strips, 16x removable Frame Fastener strips and 10x suction cups

how it works:

  1. Apply your suction cups to the window glass, or removable Frame Fastener strips to the window frame, wooden or upvc. 
  2. Apply the Fabric Fastener strips to the easynight(TM) fabric to correspond with the attachments you have placed on the window.
  3. Simply apply and remove your blackout as and when required!



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