Basic Hire - Extra Base for Capsules  (incl. deposit & fitting)

Basic Hire - Extra Base for Capsules (incl. deposit & fitting)

Baby Things Zetland

  • $80.00
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This option lets you hire just the base for a Capsule. Capsule not included.

Choose this option if you are already hiring a Capsule from Baby Things, or you own a Capsule and want to be able to move it from one car to the other where required.

Important - please contact us to ensure that the base will fit the intended Capsule.

NOTE: Our normal Capsule hire includes one base with the hired capsule - therefore, if you only need one base do not choose this option.

Please ensure you read and understand our Hire Terms of Service before hiring, by using this service you agree to be bound by the terms of the Hire Agreement.

Important: A refundable bond of $50 per extra base is payable with the rental fee.

Rental Fees are $50 deposit plus:

1 month: $30

3 months: $50

6 months: $70

Please come in to our Zetland store on the first day of your booking to start your hire.

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