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When your child outgrows their 0-4 seat but you want to keep them harnessed (a very good idea for the under-8s), then a type G seat is the go, and the EZY Grow EP by BabyLove is a solid choice.

A cheaper option for second cars or occasional use - just make sure you know if the child has grown between usage as this uses a manual rethread harness and may require the seat to be uninstalled or loosened in order to rethread.

This seat will last a child until they are generally 8 years old by which stage we would recommend moving to a booster seat like the Britax Kid Guard, especially if they are not yet 145cm or meeting the 5-step test for sitting in a car without any restraint.

At Baby Things, we recommend that babies stay in a rearward-facing restraint for as long as they still fit, even though the law allows children over 6 months to use a forward-facing restraint. Rearward facing restraints offer far more protection as long as the child still fits in it. (Neuroscience Research Australia and Kidsafe).

Keeping children as safe as possible while travelling in motor vehicles: A guide for parents, carers and road safety practitioners. Sydney: 2013) 

What Britax has to say:

The Ezy Grow™ Harnessed car seat is a forward facing car seat that utilises a built-in harness for better support. The Ezy Grow seat has plush EP liner for extra comfort. The large contoured side wings provide superior side impact protection.


• EZYPROTECT™(EP) headrest adjusts, growing with your child to provide valuable head protection
• Grows with child with 4 harness shoulder slots position
• Includes padded insert and shoulder pads
• Armrests and 2 recline position
• Messy mat to protect car’s seating surface
• Machine washable cover for easy cleaning


  • Age suitability by law: From 6 mth to 8 years old (approx.) Baby Things strongly recommends that a child is kept in a rearward facing positional seat for as long as possible before going to a forward facing seat for their own safety.
  • Product weight: approx. 8.6kg
  • Seat height (headrest not extended): 680mm
  • Seat height (headrest fully extended): 870mm
  • Seat width: 470mm

NOTE: to adjust the harness shoulder heights the Ezy Grow EP needs to be uninstalled and the harness straps re-threaded manually.

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